Where The Pancakes Are Review: Is It Good For A Brunch Date?

There’s a word I come across all the time whenever I look up a review for a pancake house, or a new recipe I want to try. That word is ‘fluffy’. Make these fluffy pancakes! Fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever try!

Well, Where The Pancakes Are has convinced me that fluffy pancakes are overrated.

Theirs aren’t fluffy, they’re something even better, but that I struggle to describe. They’re sort of… bouncy? I dunno. What I’m trying to say is that the batter is great. They don’t have that floury ‘light’ texture that I associate with cakes which contain a lot of bicarbonate of soda, but they’re also not dense like something that didn’t rise properly (see: my baking skills again). They’re smooth, soft and consistent all the way through. If you’ve ever tried to make pancakes as home, you’ll know how hard all that is to achieve.

… But I’m getting ahead of myself 🙂


Where The Pancakes Are is located in Flat Iron Square (soon to open a new branch in Fitzrovia as well), just a short walk from Borough Market, so you can more or less make a day of it.

WTPA also use the WalkUp app, so you don’t have to queue for a table. When I went for a breakfast date with my partner here, there were none available, so we downloaded the app and went for a coffee. After about 15 minutes, we got a text and made our way back to our table, which was all ready.

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The Menu

Like I said above, the pancakes are great, although they are quite a rich buttermilk batter. Probably best for a breakfast when you really want to indulge.

Extra pancakes are only £2 each, but be careful – they’re way more filling than they look. I’d stick with two to begin with and see how you go. They do a vegan and wheat-free option as well.

The toppings are quite nice and simple, with a few options you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in London. There’s crushed meringue, there are edible flowers, and when I was there there were also basil marshmallows (pictured above) which sadly seem to have been retired from the menu, but were surprisingly delicious.

I normally see pancakes as being basically dessert food, but there are actually more savoury options here than sweet and some of them are quite intriguing, like the Pulled Beef Pastrami or the vegan Boulder Breakfast (named for the US city which has a huge focus on healthy living).

The drinks menu here is great – not only do you get the regular breakfast fare like assorted juices, coffee and tea, but you also get wine, beers and cocktails and one or two quite surprising choices as well (such as their matcha oat milk latte). I had a Spanish latte – a small but flavourful drink made with condensed milk and a double espresso shot – and it was divine.

When the bill comes, it will come in a small poetry book, which is a nice touch. Perhaps an opportunity to read some Keats or Dickinson to your date? 🙂

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