4 Places To Get An Adrenaline Rush In London

Want your date to get butterflies when they think of you?

Experiences that get the pulse racing are excellent date choices, because they create associations between feelings of excitement and being together.

Even if you’ve been together a while, getting out of your comfort zone together can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and recapture those first-date feelings!

Here are four ways to get an adrenaline rush in London.

1. Go Paintballing

By John Miller

Paintballing is a great way to get some exercise and see how you and your date work as a team.

It’s great fun to strategise with your partner on the same side, or even to try and stay one step ahead of them by playing against each other!

For the best memories, try both and swap over when it’s time for round two.

Places in London to go paintballing include:

One warning: Be careful which grade of pellets you use. Even mid-level pellets can hurt and leave bruises! It’s best to discuss this with your date first, and if you’re unsure or you’ve never played paintball before, go for the softest pellets you can (check with the venue first about your options).

An alternative to paintballing is laser tag, which doesn’t involve pellets at all – this might be a good option if one or both of you don’t want to get hit with anything!

Pros: Great fun to play with or against your partner; unique and creative date choice; great exercise.

Cons: Involves travel outside the main city; not very glam (if you care about that); can be expensive if you want to play all day; pellets can hurt.

2. Try An Escape Room

Does a race against time get your heart pounding?

If so, why not try an escape room? You and your date will have to solve riddles, find clues and complete tasks as quickly as possible, or deal with the consequences…

What those consequences are depends on the room. Escape rooms range from the cute to the creepy, so do a little research first to avoid any nasty surprises!

Be aware that not all places offer experiences for two players, so you can either choose one of the options below or team up with some friends for a double-date.

Venues that allow two player teams include:

  • Lock’d Escape Rooms – light-hearted themes and colourful sets
  • EnigmaEscape – including a creepy killer-in-the-cinema escape room
  • ClueQuest – off-the-wall scenarios involving evil anthropomorphic animals that want to take over the world, plus VR choices

(NB ClueQuest rooms are designed for 3 players or more, but they will cater to two players if you get in touch with them first)

Pros: Mostly engages the mind – so they’re good if you don’t fancy doing something physical; work as a team; great idea for a double date (or getting to know each other’s friends).

Cons: Not all places allow two player teams so check first.

3. Climb The O2

By Joe Green

Even if you’re not much of a fan of the big tent formerly known as the Millennium Dome, there’s no denying that it’s a stunning view from the top.

You can now climb up the outside and enjoy an incredible panorama of London by booking one of their Up At The O2 climbs.

You can go as part of a group if you prefer, or for something really special, choose one of their guided experiences for two – complete with champagne at the top!

They offer sunset, night-time and daytime sessions, so the view is all yours – just remember to check the weather reports and go when there are clear skies!

Pros: Overcoming a challenge together; amazing views from the top.

Cons: It’s hard work!

4. Try A VR Experience


VR just keeps getting better and better as the hardware improves, but (unless you can afford some insanely expensive equipment at home) to properly experience what it can offer, you’ll need to go somewhere.

A lot of VR experiences in London are variations of escape-the-room games, but not all.

Otherworld in Acton Mews is a full immersion experience where you can go on a series of multi-sensory adventures, from exploring the world with a tiny mouse, to shooting zombies, to painting the space around you with 3D light and fire.

For the experience to work, you and your date have to be in separate rooms, but thanks to the VR, you’ll still be able to see and hear them as if they were standing next to you.

Daytime prices can be as little as £23 for two, so you can experience something truly unique for less than the price of a movie ticket each.

Pros: Fairly affordable; awesome unique experience.

Cons: You can’t always be in the same room IRL. Also impossible to kiss with a headset on 🙂